Town of Edgewood


Founded in the early 1930s, the community now known as Edgewood slowly developed with the arrival of homesteading families coming West, many of whom still maintain deep roots in the area. Situated in the southwest corner of Santa Fe County, the region was largely dryland farming and ranching. They often reached the area on the newly-bladed Route 66 or from nearby trains that were still in operation from Williard to Moriarty to Santa Fe.

In recent years, Edgewood has grown in popularity for its dual attractions – a more rural, small town way of life and convenience to that state’s largest metropolitan areas. Located just 20 miles east of Albuquerque on Interstate 40 and Historic Route 66, and 51 miles south of the City of Santa Fe, the town is well-situated to easily access state and county government centers as well as numerous cultural attractions

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