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Located at the intersection of two major interstates and home to an international airport, Albuquerque offers big-city transportation options.


Albuquerque offers reliable air, ground and rail service, and is positioned well for national and international distribution.

The Heart of the Southwest

Albuquerque is in the heart of the Southwest, and its proximity to principal Western cities makes it an ideal location for transportation and distribution. Two major highways (I-25 and I-40) bisect the city of Albuquerque, providing easy access in all directions. ​

Air Transportation

Albuquerque International Sunport

The Sunport is served by eight major airlines and four regional airline service providers. Because of the city’s temperate climate, the Sunport has reported just two temporary runway closures over the past 10 years from inclement weather. Albuquerque currently offers nonstop service to twenty one out-of-state cities, including Chicago, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Starting in August of 2017, Albuquerque will be adding a daily, year-round direct flight to Portland, OR and Orange County, CA.

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Double Eagle II Airport

Double Eagle II Airport (AEG) on Albuquerque’s west side, is an active general aviation facility. The airport sits at an elevation of 5,834 feet above sea level and is located approximately eight miles north of Interstate 40 at the top of “Nine Mile Hill” on Albuquerque’s West Mesa. Facilities include two runways; 4-22 – 7,400 ft. x 100 ft., and runway 17-35 – 6,000 ft. x 100 ft. a full scale Instrument Landing System is available for runway 22, and visual navaid on other runways.

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Belen Alexander Airport

Built on the west mesa one mile west of I-25, the airport is home to over 50 aircraft, a skydive club, a propeller overhaul facility, aerial photographer, and other small aviation businesses. There are small and large areas available for development of aviation related businesses.

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Moriarty Airport

Is an active general aviation airport located east of Albuquerque. Complete with a 24-hour fuel stop, Moriarty’s airport is a favorite with both recreational and commercial users, from ultralight and glider enthusiasts to commercial jet certification testing operations. Large parcels of land surrounding the runway provide an ideal location for airplane manufacturers and suppliers.

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Ground Transportation

Albuquerque is in the heart of the Southwest, and its proximity to principal Western cities makes it an ideal location for transportation and distribution. Two major highways (I-25 and I-40) bisect the City of Albuquerque, providing easy access in all directions.

New Mexico is a net-consumptive state, resulting in very competitive outgoing freight rates. 

Ride Sharing

Visitors and residents alike have several choices when it comes to transportation around Albuquerque, including ride sharing options through companies such as Uber and Lyft.   


Albuquerque rail service includes one freight line and one passenger line. The Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) offers a north-south line that connects in Albuquerque and an east-west line which connects in Belen, located 40 miles south of Albuquerque.

Amtrak provides rail passenger service throughout New Mexico. The east-west route between Chicago and Los Angeles passes through Albuquerque. The New Mexico Rail Runner Express, a new light rail passenger commuter system, provides transportation from Belen to Santa Fe.

BNSF’s largest inspection yard on the southern transcontinental corridor (Southern Transcon), which links Southern California and Chicago, is in the southern portion of the Albuquerque metro area. A large new industrial rail park is under construction, and New Mexico Transload is an important new asset for companies needing to move supplies or other product by rail.