Greater Albuquerque offers so much — see it with your own eyes by taking some of our virtual tours.  

Recent Business Locations and Expansions

The four-county greater Albuquerque region is the Southwest’s home of game-changing innovation and trail-blazing creativity.

Focus on STEM

For the 2023 school year, there are 200 public schools serving 89,732 students in greater Albuquerque. There are also an additional 73 private schools serving 11,901 private students and numerous STEM-focused schools.

Tap into greater Albuquerque!

There are more than 50 breweries and taprooms in the metro area, ABQ even trumps Portland's per capita concentration of breweries!

Higher Education

Explore the state's 35 higher education institutions that have a combined enrollment of nearly 100,000 students currently enrolled in 2-year and 4-year institutions throughout the state. In 2022, New Mexico saw the 2nd highest increase in new enrollments from 2021 to 2022 nationally; thousands more New Mexicans pursuing college and career training.

The greater Albuquerque housing tour

Greater Albuquerque boasts a unique trifecta of qualities that is unrivaled by its fellow large metro areas: outstanding quality of life, low cost of living and abundant amenities.

Explore local coffee shops

Explore the region's more than two dozen unique local coffee shops that are great destinations to enjoy a cup of coffee and, more often than not, a delicious snack!

Local healthcare facilities

Greater Albuquerque is home to eight extensive healthcare facilities designed to meet the healthcare needs of the region.

Connectivity & Infrastructure

The greater Albuquerque region has an exceptional transportation network, with an international airport, two major interstates bisecting the city with east-west and north-south access and rail service providing a link to an extensive 32,500 mile network!

Experience Albuquerque in 360

Immerse yourself in our new 360°, interactive experience where you’ll be able to virtually explore Albuquerque’s neighborhoods and major attractions. Tour the city at your own leisure and discover why Albuquerque should be the next destination on your bucket list.

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