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Affordable Living

Albuquerque’s composite score in the ACCRA Cost of Living Index rate is well below the national average of 100.

Cost of Living  

Albuquerque was named as one of the top places to build wealth by, thanks to its reasonable housing, activities and prices in general. Considering a move? Compare Albuquerque to any location using this calculator:

Examples of Common Expenses  


The New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship is available to students attending New Mexico public post secondary educational institution. A flat rate award is determined by the N.M. Higher Education Department annually. Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA, and either 15 credit hours per semester in a four-year degree program or 12 credit hours per semester in a two-year degree program.


The median sale price of Existing Single-Family Home: $228,400 4th quarter 2019.


Personal Income Tax Top Bracket: 4.9 percent

Vehicle Registration

Cars $27 to $62, Trucks $38 to $207