Focusing on bioscience and utilizing data from AREA’s strategic plan, this council will work to identify top potential firms for attraction and growth for the market, and also in addressing obstacles such as talent pipeline and other industry needs.


AREA’s industry aligned advisory councils work to shape the organization’s key target industry initiatives, leverage connections to further job creation and competitiveness efforts and support the execution of strategic initiatives aimed at attracting and growing key industries for economic diversification of the greater Albuquerque region.


Members of the Biosciences Advisory Council represent a diverse mix of experience in business innovation, industry expertise and proven growth strategy execution. In general, members are affiliated with AREA contributors at the Bronze level or higher.

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AREA Board of Directors offer expertise, insight and support in advancing the greater Albuquerque region’s relative competitive position in relation to top competitor markets.


Douglas Ziedonis, MD, MPH, is the Executive Vice President for Health Sciences and Chief Executive Officer for the Health System at the University of New Mexico. As EVP, he oversees the UNM School of Medicine and Colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy, and Population Health. He was Associate Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences at the University of California San Diego and had other roles as Chief Academic Officer, President of UMass Memorial Behavioral Health Services, Chair, and Board of Trustee. He is a Distinguished Professor in Psychiatry with an academic career focused on critical public health and health concerns, such as health equity, homelessness, addictions, mental illness, and healthy aging.

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