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Economic Development Training – August

Thursday, August 26 from 3-5 p.m.

The idea behind any ambassador program is simple:
In a world of too much information, a message delivered by a trusted source is the most effective.
Think about it. If you were considering relocating or expanding, would you be more interested in: a) A generic information package? b) A pitch from city officials with an obvious stake in your decision?, or c) A qualified recommendation from someone who knows your business because it is their business too? The answer of course is c). The best way to lend immediate credibility to an investment location and make it stand out from the crowd is with a recommendation or success story from a peer.
A unified voice is the goal of ambassador programs. They marry pride in a community with tangible investment results. The mandate for each ambassador is to promote the community as a place in which to invest and live, share success stories and personal experience, and to promote specific programs and incentives that are attractive to their industry networks.
AED has rebranded our Ambassador Program to reflect this state of mind. Pre-register now for Thursday, August 26 from 3-5 P.M. Location TBD.