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Debra Inman

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Albuquerque Economic Development Inc. (AED)


Debra Inman is Sr. Vice President, Business Development of Albuquerque Economic Development. AED assists existing businesses and has served as the lead organization for the recruitment of more than 240 new companies and more than 35,000 new jobs to the metropolitan area. Debra works closely with site consultants and companies to ensure they have all the relevant data needed to thoroughly evaluate our region. She is well-versed on the various incentives available to economic-based businesses in New Mexico. Debra actively lobbies for the retention, funding and creation of critical incentives and tax policy.

Prior to joining AED in 2006, she was the Economic Development Representative at PNM with responsibility for management and marketing of a regional economic development association. She also promoted statewide economic development legislative initiatives and coordinated PNM’s responses for electric and gas services for new and expanding companies in the metro area. Previous to locating to New Mexico in 1999, she had over 20 years’ experience in the private sector markets of manufacturing, finance, and mergers and acquisitions.