From entrepreneurial startup success stories such as LAVU to major state-of-the-art data centers such as Facebook, Albuquerque’s tech sector is growing and thriving. The city’s ecosystem is set up to help tech companies find top-notch talent, enjoy a lower cost of doing business, get commercialization support from research universities, and obtain technical assistance from national labs.

Manage Your Risk

In the age of the Internet, managing risk and protecting against cyber attacks is critical to business operations. Cybersecurity companies in Albuquerque enjoy certainty of operations in a low-risk location that allows for business as usual, 24/7.


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SmartAsset, 2016

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Albuquerque ranked 6th Best Digital City in the Nation

Center for Digital Government, 2015

Technology grid


Albuquerque recognized for having the 10th Best Infrastructure


Business Facilities 2015

Resources and education

  • The New Mexico Technology Council
    NMTC is a member-driven association of businesses, organizations and tech professionals working together to promote the growth and success of New Mexico’s technology business sectors. The organization helps facilitate workforce training, provides professional development programs, advances policy and more.

  • The STEMulus Center – Powered by CNM Ingenuity
    The STEMulus Center offers companies, students and job seekers a variety of programs to support workforce development needs, including Deep Dive Coding bootcamps, entrepreneurial mindset training, IT certificates, the Ignite business accelerator and more.

  • UNM Center for Advanced Research Computing
    The UNM campus supercomputing center supports a wide array of advanced computer hardware and software, as well as very large-scale research storage.​

  • UNM Global and National Security Policy Institute
    GNSPI brings together global and national security-related courses, research and programs. GNSPI includes programs for undergraduate and graduate certificates in Global and National Security, as well as a master’s degree program in Global and National Security.

  • New Mexico Information Technology Apprenticeship Program
    NMITAP is committed to developing the first registered apprenticeship program in high-quality, high-growth careers in Information and Health Technology, offering on-the-job learning and related technical instruction.

  • TechHire New Mexico
    TechHire New Mexico provides innovative information technology (IT) job training for individuals and employers in Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance, and Valencia counties. The program offers paid IT occupational training opportunities for eligible participants, while also addressing employers’ IT staffing challenges by growing a more inclusive and relevant pipeline of superb IT talent.

  • Cultivating Coders
    The Cultivating Coders bootcamp is an 8-week intensive training in web application development. Students learn a variety of programming languages, including the M.E.A.N. Development stack, Node.js, Express and other highly sought after languages in the tech job market.

Programs and Incentives

  • Job Training Incentive Program
    The state’s highly flexible JTIP program offers a cash reimbursement to a business for on-the-job training for qualified employees of qualified employers. Customized training may be provided by post-secondary educational institutions, company trainers, or outside trainers.

  • High Wage Jobs Tax Credit
    A taxpayer who is an eligible employer may apply for and receive a tax credit for each new high-wage economic-base job. The credit amount equals 10% of the wages for each new economic-base job created.

  • Local Economic Development Act
    The LEDA fund is a pool of discretionary state money that flows through local governments. LEDA funds are used to help new or expanding companies with land acquisition, building renovations and infrastructure needs. Closing funds are targeted toward businesses that can demonstrate additional funding is needed to close a competitive cost gap relative to other states and cities vying for the same economic development project.

  • Technology Jobs and Research and Development Tax Credit

    Qualified New Mexico facilities may take a credit equal to 5% (10% in rural areas) of expenditures related to qualified research for payroll, land, buildings, equipment, computer software and upgrades, consultants and contractors performing work in New Mexico, technical books, manuals and test materials. The credit may be taken against compensating tax, gross receipts tax (excluding the local options portion of the gross receipts tax), and withholding tax. The credit may be carried forward for up to three years.

    An additional 5%(10% total urban, 20% total rural) may be applied against corporate income tax or personal income tax if base payroll expenses increase by at least $75,000 per $1,000,000 of expenditures claimed. The additional credit may be carried forward for up to three years.

    Credits are not available for:

    • Investments in real property owned by the city of the county in conjunction with an Industrial Revenue Bond
    • Investments in personal property that have been given a credit under the Investment Credit Act
    • National Laboratories
    • Property owned by the tax payer or an affiliate prior to July 3, 2000
    • Contract research & development

Key Companies

Aviation and aerospace companies investing and growing in the Albuquerque metro area include:

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