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The Village of Los Lunas Enters into Partnership with the Albuquerque Regional Economic Alliance, Appoints Representatives

 ALBUQUERQUE, NM – The Albuquerque Regional Economic Alliance (AREA) recently transformed its organizational structure to allow it to become a true public private partnership made up of key business leaders as well as representatives of local government entities within the greater Albuquerque region. The Village of Los Lunas is the second local government agency in the region to formally engage with AREA under this new partnership arrangement providing enhanced professional economic development services to the community.

The new structure invites local government entities to engage in the organization under an inclusive, transparent model where all may receive a similar menu of economic development services such as regional marketing support, new lead generation, efforts to attract needed commercial space development, and data and research analysis for economic development purposes.

“The expertise and professionalism AREA has already brought to the Village of Los Lunas is clearly evident by our recent $2 billion aluminum rolling mill project announcement from this past May. Local economic developers working cohesively together aligns the region towards a more prosperous economy. The Village of Los Lunas is proud to be a part of this coordinated regional economic development strategy,” said Charles Griego, Mayor of the Village of Los Lunas.

In addition to engaging with AREA as a larger regional economic development entity, this partnership also provides community partners with opportunities to represent their communities and engage in important dialogue affecting AREA’s long term strategic priorities as well as day to day efforts. To this end, Senior Economic Developer Kristen Gamboa of the Village of Los Lunas will serve on AREA’s Economic Development Professionals Advisory Council, and has already been selected to serve as its first Vice Chair.

“The second I realized Danielle and I were both working towards a regional economic development strategy within our respective areas, I knew that an official partnership was eminent, “ said Kristen Gamboa, Senior Economic Developer for the Village of Los Lunas. “AREA is laying down the framework for a long-term, sustainable strategy that will elevate the region and achieve inclusive regional economic growth for both existing local businesses and incoming economic-base projects.”

“This embrace of regionalism, transparency, and leveraging AREA’s expertise to support all partners in attracting and growing firms is taking root and will increase our ability to attract companies to the region. We have already seen great success in new business announcements in Los Lunas as a result of our work together, and we expect many more,” said Danielle Casey, President & CEO for AREA.

“It is tremendously exciting to see additional communities in the region seek and embrace collaboration in this manner,” said Cynthia Schultz, Board Chair of AREA.

About the Village of Los Lunas
The Village of Los Lunas is a municipality located in Valencia County, just minutes south of Albuquerque. The role of Economic Development in Los Lunas focuses on two areas. The first is to maintain strong ties within the community to help local businesses grow and expand. The other focus is to continuously market and attract new businesses and resources to Los Lunas. Historically an agricultural-based community, Los Lunas has rapidly grown into an economic powerhouse with internationally renowned manufacturing, distribution and transportation companies. For more information visit



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