AED wants to know the impacts of Covid on local businesses and has put out a survey to get those answers.


By   –  Reporter, Albuquerque Business First

What challenges and barriers has your business faced through the Covid-19 pandemic?

That’s the main question Albuquerque Economic Development is asking through its Covid-19 Business Impact Survey sent out to local businesses.

The survey asks that question in a variety of formats such as the general impacts of Covid, supply chain issues, staffing levels and recruitment, as well as what type of assistance would best help local businesses.

AED president Danielle Casey said the data gathered from the survey will help the organization determine how to best move business forward in New Mexico.

“It’s understanding better where businesses are having possible challenges or barriers with growth and determining what the larger community can be doing to affect that in any way possible,” Casey said.

The survey, which was put out earlier this month, is a follow-up to the B|RE Benchmarking Summer Challenge sponsored by Synchronous Suite, in which AED and other local economic development organizations reached out to businesses in the metro area to gather information on the impact of Covid-19. The responses businesses submit are confidential, Casey said. 

But neither AED nor the Village of Los Lunas and Sandoval Economic Alliance had enough responses to form a solid picture of Covid’s impact. So far, AED has gathered around 25 responses from local businesses, Casey said, but is looking to get around 100 before the survey is closed down. 

The information gathered from the surveys will then be input into Synchronous Suite’s software, which will allow organizations like AED to compare responses to those in other markets. 

Casey said three of the businesses she’s spoke with so far about their surveys are looking at growth opportunities and not exclusively a recovery from the pandemic. 

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