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August 30, 2021

MTX Group to Create 250 Hi-Tech Jobs with Opening of Office in New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – MTX Group Inc. (MTX), a premier global technology consulting firm, announced plans with public officials today to establish a southwest regional office in New Mexico as part of its continued expansion. MTX partners with public sector agencies and organizations to modernize technology to advance the happiness, health, and economics of the communities they serve worldwide. The company is committed to creating 250 hi-tech jobs in Albuquerque in the next five years.

MTX plans to lease office space and hire 250 New Mexico employees with an average salary of $90,000 to $175,000. Today’s announcement took place at the Central New Mexico Community College with MTX Founder and CEO Das Nobel, MTX Co-Founder and CMO Nipa Nobel, Economic Development Cabinet Sec. Alicia J. Keyes, Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller, and representatives from the college and Albuquerque Economic Development (AED).

The State of New Mexico is pledging assistance for training employees under the Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP). MTX also announced a workforce collaboration with Central New Mexico Community College with their Deep Dive Coding and Data Science intensive boot camps and will connect with 18+ community colleges and universities via Handshake in order to engage the local student community in information sessions, career fairs, future case competition opportunities, and hackathons.

“New Mexico is more competitive than ever in being able to recruit innovative companies which can bring quality jobs to the people of New Mexico,” Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said. “MTX will now make Albuquerque its regional hub and with that bring 250 new high- paying jobs that will keep our young professionals in New Mexico and build a more resilient economy.”

“We’re giving MTX a warm welcome to Albuquerque today. This expansion, bringing 250 new tech jobs, is a strong addition to the growth of our economic base sectors.” Mayor Tim Keller said. “We’re proving time and time again – Albuquerque has the skilled workforce and unmatched quality of life that companies are after. Coupled with our business and family-friendly environment, our city is a top choice for high-tech industries.”

The company plans to invest over $2 million in its New Mexico office complex. The MTX payroll is expected to reach $20 million and the direct economic impact in New Mexico is estimated at $347 million over the next 10 years. The Economic Development Department is pledging $2 million from the state’s LEDA Job-Creation Fund to assist MTX as it opens operations in New Mexico.

“MTX’s decision to expand in New Mexico is a result of another successful partnership between state and local governments, higher education, and the private sector,” Cabinet Secretary Keyes said. “Gov. Lujan Grisham has focused on using these important collaborations to build wealth in the state and diversify the economy. This is what that success looks like.”

MTX currently provides technology solutions in over 35 states, including health monitoring, disease tracking, unemployment insurance claims, emergency child care licensing, isolation services for higher education, and vaccination management. MTX specializes in modernizing licensing, permitting, inspections, and grant management processes with unique technology solutions for public sector agencies, while preventing fraudulent or duplicate claims. One of its biggest differentiators is delivering solutions and realizing values for the communities and agencies. What may take other companies months, MTX delivers in weeks, and sometimes days.

MTX already has a relationship with the New Mexico State government, undertaking projects for the Department of Finance and Administration, Regulation and Licensing Department, Department of Health, and other agencies. MTX is expanding in New Mexico to serve those relationships better and take advantage of the state’s favorable regional location, competitive business climate, strong incentives, and affordability.

“The state’s incentives mean the company can grow and hire faster, and that means we can better serve the local communities in New Mexico with outcomes in mind around happiness, health, and economics and throughout the southwest. MTX is excited to partner with the State of New Mexico to keep local talent in the land of enchantment,” MTX CEO Das Nobel said.

Nobel, an immigrant from Bangladesh with a strong commitment to giving back to local communities through philanthropy efforts, continued, “at MTX, our philosophy aligns with New Mexico Gov. Lujan Grisham’s strategic goals to improve education, public health, and a more equal and diversified economy. We are passionate about providing equal growth opportunities to all, including empowering women in leadership, training and hiring veterans, and spearheading a one-year paid parental leave,” Nobel said.

Synthia R. Jaramillo, City of Albuquerque Economic Development Department Director, said, “Albuquerque’s assets make it incredibly competitive in the hi-tech economy, and we’re supporting the recruitment and expansion of businesses like MTX that complement our existing strengths. By building a diversified economy that works for everyone, we’re solidifying Albuquerque’s reputation as a prosperous hub for our key industries.”

AED, the area’s non-profit, private-sector economic development organization, provided technical assistance for the project.

“We are thrilled that MTX Group saw what we all know to be true about our region and state – we have the talent, resources and economic vision required to ensure the success of the launch of a key regional collaboration center for this burgeoning technology company,” Danielle Casey, AED President and CEO, said. “Its investment has the potential to return more than $300 million in total new economic impact to the region in just three years and spur the demand for hundreds of additional jobs in the region above those it creates directly.”

MTX West Coast Client Partner Vidya Patil added, “MTX recognizes New Mexico’s leadership in bringing hi-tech employment opportunities. The collaboration between the private sector, educational institutions and the New Mexico administration is inspiring. MTX is excited to partner with Central New Mexico Community College and other educational institutions to bring leading-edge research innovative solutions that are secure, trusted, and impactful to the communities we serve in New Mexico and around the world.”

“On behalf of CNM, we’re thrilled to welcome MTX Group to our community and state and we’re looking forward to supporting its workforce needs so MTX can thrive in Albuquerque and create rewarding jobs for our students and fellow New Mexicans,” CNM President Tracy Hartzler added. “For more than 55 years, CNM has been partnering closely with business and industry to ensure that we’re delivering the skilled workforce they need to grow, thrive, and contribute to economic development in New Mexico. We’re committed to doing the same for MTX, while providing our students with exciting opportunities to acquire the valuable skills they need to gain employment and have promising careers at MTX.”

To help recruit and retain local talent in New Mexico, MTX has prepared a robust internship and requirement plan to nurture professionals in sectors such as business, technology, marketing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and renewable energy. To learn more about job openings, please visit

MTX Group Inc. is a global technology consulting firm powered by the Maverick Quantum (mavQ) Artificial Intelligence platform that enables organizations to modernize through digital transformation and strategy. With data as the new currency, MTX helps organizations transform their long-term strategy with outcomes in mind around happiness, health, and economy. MTX improves decision making for organizations with speed and quality by leveraging the mavQ AI platform and partnering with other leading cloud technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Salesforce.

Photo courtesy of MTX Group Inc.

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