Fidelity Investments at Mesa del Sol in Albuquerque is hiring again! Fidelity Investments is looking to hire 225 people now through the end of the year, including financial advisors, licensed representatives, and customer service representatives. While some require financial services experience, Fidelity’s priority is to hire individuals who believe in delivering premier customer service. This hiring is part of a larger, national effort to add approximately 4,000 licensed representatives, technologists, and customer service representatives across their existing U.S. footprint and into dozens more new markets over the next six months. Over half of these positions are expected to be filled by mid-year. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, market volatility, and economic uncertainty, Fidelity’s operating and financial performance in 2020 was one of the best in its 75-year history, as Fidelity experienced dramatic increases in new customers, call and trading volumes, and digital engagement. The company continues to help associates navigate these challenging times by evolving its benefits to provide offerings like a working caregiver subsidy, access to expert elder- and child-care coordinators, and more flexible work options. The company’s year-end employee data showed the company’s highest ever associate sentiment. 

Spread the word! Applications can be completed online at And visit their webpage to learn more about Fidelity’s history, community involvement and public policy stances. Please consider sharing this messaging in your newsletters and on social media.  Here are the Fidelity handles:

Social Media Handles

Twitter: @FidelityJobs (

Facebook: @FidelityInvestments(

Instagram:  @fidelityjobs4


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